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Are you after a Property Manager with exceptional knowledge and personalised service who only charges a management fee of 5% plus GST?

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We're cheaper than everyone else - Only 5% plus GST and not 8% plus GST, like others.

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About Us

Completely Property is the Property Manager who is loyal, methodical and highly focused on investor and tenant satisfaction. We have exceptional knowledge of the current market conditions and a strong record of predicting future trends.

We can eliminate surprises and ensure your investment property makes you an incomparable return.  Every year we will examine current market conditions, consider current rent and CPI index and provide you with an evaluation of the rental return.

We will be honest, and upfront about market changes and let you know what you think about rental increases. We aim to always secure the best tenant for you and negotiate fixed lease agreements.



Cheapest Property Managers in Canberra. Only 5% plus GST and not 8% plus GST, like others.

We're Locals.

We’re locals, understand the market, and have over 60 years of business experience.

Best Tenants.

We know how to attract and select the best tenants to look after your property.

Lower Fees.

Clients want value, and we intentionally keep our fees low to support our clients.


Our Approach.

Our staged approach encourages quality from the selection process to moving in and beyond.

Stage 1 - Appraisal & Presentation

To maximise your financial return, we inspect your property and provide any recommendations that can help you get a higher rental income.

Stage 2 - Advertising & Viewings

We're experts in Marketing and have an extensive database, and know how to attract the right tenant for you and offer group and private viewings.

Stage 3 - Applications & Tenancy

At this stage, we advertise, find you the right tenant, and secure you the right long-term tenant you would expect. Trust us; this is our strength.

Stage 4 - Bond & legals

At this stage, the lease documentation is prepared, ensuring legislative compliance. Bond and initial rent payments are collected, and your tenant is advised of their obligations and our expectations concerning their conduct.

Stage 5 - inspection & Record

This stage is critical as we collect evidence of the quality of your property before the tenant moves in. A property condition report is completed, which includes photos, so we always use a reference point if required.

Stage 6 - Keys & Moving In

In this stage, the tenant must have a positive experience. We introduce them to their Property Manager, and they are offered any support they need, such as utility connection and local removalist contacts.


We Maximise Your Return.

We believe in putting firm plans, procedures and systems in place to maximise your return through your rental income and the upkeep and maintenance of your investment.

We Are Proactive.

We implement a scheduled preventative maintenance plan that, once in effect, ongoing maintenance can be planned and budgeted for – we aim to eliminate those nasty surprises like appliances failing or roof leaks.

Top Quality Contractors.

We have access to top-quality contractors, property professionals and even finance brokers who can assist you with maintenance and better your investment for future gains.

We're cheaper than everyone else.

Only 5% plus GST and not 8%
plus GST, like others.

“After searching and speaking to four other Property Managers, we decided on going with Completely Property as they were honest and liked how they knew what we were after".

Vishal, Palmerston, Canberra.


Once the tenant moves in, we take care of everything.

We attract and secure great tenants because we look after them and believe they also require an exceptional experience. We provide tenants with many benefits, such as;

  • A dedicated Property Manager who can assist with any enquiries.
  • An extensive network of contractors who can help with repairs, maintenance and renovations
  • A 24-hour emergency maintenance service for repairs on urgent matters.
  • A 24-hour call-out service for emergencies such as burst pipes or flooding.


Common Questions.

We’re cheaper than most others and charge 5% plus GST, and, happy to discuss our fee structure in further detail when we connect.

We have over 60 years of combined experience and are Canberra residents ourselves.

That’s easy. We have a detailed questionnaire and interview process and conduct extensive reference checks. 

We only charge an advertising fee of $295, not $700+ like others.

Yes, we can, and we have extensive experience managing commercial and residential homes and apartments.

We conduct a walk-through every six months and on request by the tenant.

We will be happy to assist

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